This is only a VERY SMALL portion of antiques that we currently have for sale.

7 Glass Paperweights - $20 each or all 7 for $100

Antique Jennings 25 Cent Slot Machine -- $1200

Vintage Dairy Farm Milk Containers for sale. All in pretty nice condition - $40 each or $150 for all

Antique Copper Electric Washing Machine -- $200

Firestone Tires Ashtray in the original box and Happy-Motoring Clothespin from Esso-G-Station. Also Esso Household Wax -- $40 for everything

Vintage Dietz #40 Traffic Guard Lantern -- $45

Antique Industrial Wooden Textile Spindles/Bobble Spools-- $75 for all

2 Vintage Large Nautical Marine Ship Lights -- $325

Vintage Formica Kitchen Top Table from around the late 1940s/early 1950s with chrome legs and wooden drawer -- $175

Vintage Carburetor Workbench Lamp -- $145

2 Vintage 1940's Buckeye Brass Gas Pump Nozzles -- Buy both of them for $150 or $85 each

Lionel Railroad Pre-war 45 Operating Automatic Gateman -- $45

Antique Cultivator Hand Plow -- $85

2 Vintage Galvanized Watering Cans -- $30 each OR $50 for both

Vintage Milk Dairy Farm Container -- $45

Bull Horns from an estate sale. The guy used to make gunpowder horns as a hobby. Selling them for $15 each. Three that are done already are $25 a piece.

Vintage Dining Booth Seeburg-100 1950's Wall Jukebox -- $200

Newer Railroad Crossing Sign -- $95

Griswold #3 Erie Pot with Handle -- $60

1940's Esslinger's Beer Tray -- $65

Antique Iron German Mortar & Pestle - Circa 1914-1916 -- $80


We have a variety of very unique, hard-to-find antiques. Enjoy browsing through some of our collection.

Vintage Enterprise #5 Coffee Grinder that was turned into a lamp at one time - but now was taken apart and changed back. It's missing the inside 2 pieces of the grinder that grinds the coffee beans. Sold as a prop only. Someone mentioned to me that you can probably find the parts on the Internet. But still a beautiful conversation piece -- $275

Small Vintage Dunlap Vice Tool -- $40

Antique Pennsylvania Railroad 1 Penny Scale -- $350

Vintage Ice-O-Matic and Juice-O-Matic -- $50 for both

Antique Jennings "The Target" Penny Slot for sale. Original gambling slot machine from 1926. The target penny flip trade simulator works and even has a coin box and key. Indian scenes over cast aluminum. Wood back and base. A very collectible piece!  Price is $750

Vintage Tractor Seat -- $60

3 Vintage Porcelain Green & White Factory Shade Lights -- $85 for all

Antique Atlantic Refining Company Porcelain Sign -- $1400

Vintage Single Wheeling Galvanized Washtub -- $185

Vintage Delmonico PB-741 Tube Radio -- $125

Two BB-Rifles for sale, Daisy Models - one is in new condition. Red Ryder (mint) Model 1038-B. The other is Model No. 25 Rogers Ark (vintage) -- both for $85

Antique Miller "Gone With The Wind" Oil Lamp -- $165

Vintage Gazelle Bookends -- $75

Vintage 1940's Philadelphia Bulletin Newspaper Stand/Holder -- $275

2 Vintage Space Saver Telephones -- $100 for the pair

Antique Black Hawk Corn Shucker -- $80

      Antique Cast Iron Sign Philadelphia Electric Co. -- $450

Vintage 1938 1ยข Shipman Vending Machine -- $285

Vintage Washboards - Galvanized, Brass and Glass - Prices are $25

Vintage Doorstop Hubly Dog -- $75

Antique Enterprise Sausage Grinder -- $150

Vintage Pig's (hog) Trough -- $85

Mr. Spock Wine Decanter for sale. This was made when the movie was first out. "Mr. Spock 1979 Paramount Pictures Corporation. Another Grenadier Original." -- $40

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